About Us

                      Weilai Machinery is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing advanced materials. The Group is a global market leader in the supply of flour production plants, Rice Production Plants, Maize and other pulse and Millet Processing Plants, Snacks Production Units, and COLOR SORTING systems.

                      The core technologies of the Group are in the field of mechanical and Image process engineering. With its expertise and over 15 years of experience, Weilai Machinery time and again rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helping them achieve success in the marketplace. Over the decades, Weilai Machinery has come to be acknowledged as a reliable partner, thanks to its distinct commitment to quality and its global presence. Weilai Machinery Group operates in over 40 countries and is still growing.


Sustainable growth:

        With its solid equity base, Weilai Machinery aims to achieve sustainable annual sales growth of at least 6 percent. In order to secure its long-term viability, the Group is striving for an average EBIT margin of 8 percent.

Customers’ success as the yardstick:

        The Weilai Machinery portfolio comprises plant and equipment, services, and technologies enabling customers to successfully differentiate themselves in the marketplace and thus to generate high added value.

Balanced portfolio:

         Weilai Machinery is active in attractive segments of food and materials processing and is a specialist in processes designed to transform raw materials into valuable foods or engineering materials. In its respective markets, Weilai Machinery strives to hold a leading position

Efficiency through services:

         The extensive range of services offered by Weilai Machinery ensures that customers can operate their production plants efficiently throughout the life cycle of the equipment. This also allows continuous adjustment to changes in raw materials or to new consumer needs.

In the region – for the region:

         Weilai Machinery operates in over 40 countries worldwide through 10 of its own sales and service companies and several agencies. Development efforts as well as production are tailored to the needs of customers in the various regions and are, whenever possible, localized.

Focus on innovations:

         About half of sales revenue (turnover) is generated with products that are less than five years old. Weilai Machinery spends an average of about four to five percent of total annual sales on basic research and applications development.

Quality leadership:

       High-grade engineering solutions are manufactured at 20 sites around the globe, which all comply with the same stringent Weilai Machinery quality standards.

Strong workforce base:

        Worldwide, Weilai Machinery makes continuous and substantial efforts to develop and strengthen its local workforce base. Outstanding commitment and exceptional performance of employees are rewarded accordingly. Unified leadership principles and strengthening of the corporate culture are top priorities.

What Weilai Machinery stands for.

Spirit of Discovery: Our desire to know more:

         The intelligence and enthusiasm to resolve complex challenges perfectly and make new discoveries along the way make us stand out from the crowd. Knowledge, engineering pedigree, commitment and perseverance, as well as the competencies that go hand in hand with these qualities, characterize the passion for research that has made Weilai Machinery an outstanding and innovative technology group, and that guarantees us a clear competitive edge in the long term.

Quality Leadership: We can still get even better:

             If it's made by Weilai Machinery it has to be the best. This never-ending demand is based on quality leadership that already exists or that we must achieve in future. In whichever areas we are involved, we fulfil this ambition through quantifiable, transparent quality goals, and open dialogue with our customers and partners. This enables us to deliver the performance we promise and thereby enhance our customers' trust in us.

Focus on Solutions: We also build machines – among other things:

             We understand that a customer's profitability also has an effect on our business performance. Our efforts are therefore focused on increasing our customers' levels of success. And because we always apply networked approaches to complex processes, we can work in a solution-oriented way to make improvements for our customers throughout the value chain. This gives us a clear performance advantage over straightforward machine manufacturers.

Globality: Wherever our customers are, so are we:

          We are a global corporation with Indian and Chinese origins. Size, a worldwide presence and a multicultural team with a strong local presence make us a global player and give the company an advantage in terms of availability on the world market.

          There are plenty of good reasons for Weilai Machinery's success: Personal commitment, clever entrepreneurial decision-making, a high level of sensitivity to the changing needs of the market, and a core business that has become a byword for quality and consistency, founded on the distinct power to innovate. Tackling the challenges of the period and of the market having always played a role in shaping the direction of the company. This is simply something that Weilai Machinery has always done, and when it comes to generating benefits and added value for our customers, we have always been a step ahead.

           WEILAI MACHINERY LLP is posed to create a Brand name , a mark of quality to which people can trust.We are also having electronic and mechanical service centres in India. And are in the process of building Service centers in every state in India

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