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Tea Baking Machine

Tea Baking Machine

Model No.: SRH-12


1. This kind of Tea baking machine has two models with electric heating and hot blast stove heating.

2. Tea baking machine is mainly used for tea follow-up for homework, because baking machine provides a relatively closed space, temperature is stable, and the air circulation is comparatively slow, reduce the tea fragrance, send out, low-temperature slow broiled way, make tea more thoroughly dry, and at the same time, the baking tea aroma mellow rich depression.

3. The machine can also be applied to Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese medicine and some agricultural drying operation. The cabinet design, the outward appearance is concise and easy, bottom has universal wheel. It is convenient to move.

4. Temperature and time can be automatic controlled, easy operation, safety and reliability. Temperature at 0-150 degrees set free, drying can also baking, use range is very wide.


Technical Specification:


Capacity  (kg/h)

Heating Power (Kw)

Dia. of Baking Tray (mm)

No. of Tray

Dimension (mm)








1150 X1030X1820


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