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TS-V-type three Stage tea color sorter

TS-V-type three Stage tea color sorter

Model No.: T3VS6


  1. A light source system with original Smart LED. Shadow less light system design. bright light, longer life, stronger anti-interference helps to identify and determine more easily and more accurately a variety of tea. 360 shape sorting and color sorting done with precision.
  2. Cloud IOT system. Independent cloud control, cloud computing technology, online operations, online monitoring, online services, and upgrades
  3. Independent sorting mode options that can be set independently for each color or shape..
  4. Unique design of wide-body separation chamber.
  5. Image acquisition system. The machine is fit with the world's top custom industrial sensors and CCD color sorter special lens,and high-definition imaging technology.  The camera image acquisition can be selected in different colors and shapes to define the color of tea. Minimum resolution range is 0.008MM2.  This can sort small spots, black needle points. 
  6. Three V-type integrated design with easy installation and maintenance to meet all the requirement of tea sorting.
  7. V-type design is convenient in resorting the rejections from the initial sorting. 
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