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Mini Tea Sorter

Mini Tea Sorter

Model No.: TM-64A

Product Features:

1.    Compact structure, easy to install, maintain, and convenient to transport.

2.    Requires a small production area.

3.    Intelligent interface, easy to learn.

4.    Accurate identification of Tie Guanyin tea with the red, yellow, blue, white stems and other undesirable products.

5.    Perfect for small businessmen in tea processing industry.

6.    Fitted with an high-end industry-specific dual view camera.

Technical Parameters
Product Number TM64A
Used Number 6CSX-64
Yield (kg / h) ≥50
Net rate(%) ≥98%
Power supply(v/Hz) 220/50
Power (Kw) 0.7-2.0
Air pressure(Mpa) ≥0.4
Air consumption (L/min) <1000
Weight (Kg) 200
Dimension (mm) 890*1110*1540

Note: The above performance parameters are selected from the color impurity content of 5% of Tie Guanyin Tea.  Specific targets will vary as per contamination content. The above data is for reference only. 

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