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Film Overwrapping Machine

Film Overwrapping Machine


       This machine is widely applicable to packing all kinds of big or medium square-shaped boxes. The Film Overwrapping Machine is widely applied in many industries, such as Tea, Herb, Pharmaceutical, Food etc. The outside package will provide perfect protect to products, such as moisture proof, dustproof. Coin-freed device combined with the package, can provide brand protect to your company. It can be used to pack various boxes, such as tea, herb, pharmaceutical products, etc


  • Compact structure, stable performance, easy to operation and maintenance. 

  • PLC control, easy to operate 
Touch screen and friendly interface. 

  • The data are showed on touch screen.
  • Auto feeding device and Auto counter.
  • Multifunction diagnose software, provide friendly and powerful help. 

  • High grade security protect device, protect the safety of machine and operator. 

  • Special design, low cost. 

  • High precision transducer, step less variable speed.

Technical parameter:

Packing Speed

20-30 Boxes/minute

Packing Dimension(mm)

L50-300  W40-220  H15-90

Total Power



380V  50Hz

Air Pressure




Dimension For Main Machine(L*W*H)


Dimension For Transmitting(L*W*H)


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