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Coffee packing machine DXDC15A

Coffee packing machine DXDC15A


The new design packing solution for coffee. Enlarged content of packing dosage meet the requirement for coffee bag.To adopt the variable frequency drive of control system, heat sealing coffee bag in outer bag and finally packing them into cartons.

Standard specification:

  1. To produce coffee bag and outer bag in one machine.
  2.  Patent tag technology system offer no glue heat sealable tag
  3.  A sensing system that follows color mark automatically and ensures printing logo on a properly place.
  4. New design of feeding system for packing coffee and similar materials.
  5. The whole machine meet GMP standards and Passed CE certification.
  6. To produce continuous envelope bag.
  7. Date printing device. 

Technical data:




10 cm3

Size of coffee bag:

65 x 62.5mm

Size of envelope:

 82 x 75mm

Size of tag:


Thread length:

210 mm

Envelope materials:

Various materials(Plastic/Foil/P.E,Paper/P.E)


AC 380V/220V

Total power:

2.5 kW

Net weight:


Gross weight:


Overall dimension:

2840mm(L)×1222mm(W)×2250mm(H) (Without options size)

Carton dimension:


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